We offer you the ideal solution for your individual high-temperature process, and support you every step of the way.

Raw materials/analysis
  • Composition and quality of the required raw materials
  • Determination and evaluation of the grain-size distribution
  • Adaptation and optimization of the glass recipe
Melting process
  • Effective error analysis
  • Adjustment of process parameters
  • Monitoring of process parameters
  • Setting and monitoring of temperatures
  • Fine-tuning machine parameters to glass properties
  • Adjusting the cooling of tools and end products
Surface Treatment

The surface treatment of your components may be realized with the ancorro mobile plant at your premises, or with the stationary plant at ancorro’s headquarters. The ancorro technology may be implemented for almost all refractory geometries, and may also be applied to components in series.

Surface-treatment technology
  • Mobile plant for surface treatment of fireclay pots
  • Stationary surface-treatment plant for removable components of varying geometry
  • Individual surface treatment on site for special geometries
Measurement and analysis

We can realize the following tests in our laboratory:

  • Static finger test
  • Dynamic finger test
  • 3D-scanner evaluation
  • Blistering studies
  • Crystallization measurement
  • Crucible tests Glass analysis

We are happy to carry out further tests and analyses upon request.

Your Advantages
  • Expertise in high-temperature processes
  • State-of-the-art measurement and analysis
  • Individual surface treatment of your components using the ancorro plants
  • Significantly extended service life of porous materials and reduction in production downtime by producing high quality surface-treated refractory
  • Energy savings due to the use of porous refractory materials with lower thermal conductivity
  • Reduced blistering and improvement of glass quality in the final product
  • Lowering of the thermal stress of the furnace as a result of the possible change of the batch components